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"Is my trampoline compatible with a JumpSport Safety Net?" (click here)

Still Standing after 100 Live Person Impacts
(Patented Independent Poles act as shock-absorbers to safely catch jumpers)

WARNING: Breaks apart or Shows Stress Damage from just several live impacts 1,2,3
(Very Short 90 day warranty on the net 1,2,3)
See Movie of live impact... [click here]

Triple & Dual-Staged™ or Extra-Stretch™ Springs & Taller Frame Height (Safer, softer, deeper bounce = less stress on jumper so the springs absorb more energy = better return, higher bounce & improved safety for kids and adults)

No Back-up Support Systems to Prevent Failure 1,2
(Easily collapses when impacted, Only support is bungee cords! 1,2)
Note: Jumpking Recalls 300,000 safety enclosures (learn more)

Quality Vinyl Sleeves Protect the Pole Foam for Lasting Beauty

Unprotected Foam Rips during impacts (1) and Disintegrates from UV (1,2,3)

Design is Attractive, Understated (Open-weave net allows views, ASTM approved/Non-finger snagging)

Design Stands out like a Billboard 1,3
(Shade fabric netting blocks views of landscape 1,3)

Patented Overlapping Entry for Continuous Protection
(Nothing to open or close just slip through the passageway)

Flap Door Entry with Ties or Clips... Kids Forget to Close 1,2,3

Net is Suspended Outside Poles to Prevent Collapse
(20% more space, Kids can rest on pad, Acts as fail-safe system)

Net Suspended Inside Poles Encroaches on Play Space 1,2,3
(20% less space, Kids have no place to wait for their turn.)

Universal Design Fits all trampolines 10’ to 16’

Fits only one size trampoline 1,2,3

Patented Games and Accessories
(Basketball, BigTopTent™, GamePak™, and more coming!)

No Games to encourage safer play